Paris Hilton and Cy Waits At Us Magazine’s Hot 100 Party in Hollywood

Paris Hilton and boyfriend Cy Waits attended the Us Magazine’s Hot 100 Party at Colony in Hollywood. This must have been some jam, no?

Now, I am not one to judge, and I mean that…but I don’t know if I could ever date a star that was famous for, among things, being in a sex tape. Paris is beautiful, fun, famous, wealthy, and I’m sure behind closed doors a much nicer and better person than the media makes her out to be. Nevertheless, I am too insecure to date her. God bless Cy for being able to look past it, though. He’s better than I am. What do you think…would you be able to look past all that?

Maybe this one would last, they are a really great looking couple, aren’t they. Making some nice kids…

Photos by Pacific Coast News

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