Kate Middleton, Prince William’s Fiance, A New Style Princess, Too?

Kate Middleton seems to be “on the come” in the fashion, debutante, royalty realm already. She looks great and she is certainly one of the biggest talks of the socialite world, to be sure. She and Prince William look like a wonderful couple. Perhaps she will be the “next Diana” who was always loved and revered for being so exceptionally put together.

Check out this video. Nice little piece courtesy of rightster.com

They have been together for eight years and have recently been spending much of their time in north Wales where William is a search and rescue pilot. Their wedding, scheduled for 2011, will be the biggest royal event since the wedding of William’s mother and father, Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

We’ll see, but can’t wait to see this wedding, it will be some spectacular event. Best of luck with the planning, Prince William and Kate!

By the way, the 26-year-old and fellow volunteers staged a “tongue in cheek” roller disco (hence to glitter great photo) to help raise money for Tom’s Ward at the Children’s Hospital in Oxford, and the organization the Place2Be, which provides counselling to youngsters.

Photos by Pacific Coast News

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