Giuliana Rancic Soldiers On With IVF Treatments

If you’ve watched Giuliana Rancic’s reality show, “Giuliana and Bill“, you know that the couple are struggling to start a family together.  Giuliana most recently suffered a miscarriage and she spoke a bit about it and their continued efforts to have a baby:

The good news is that IVF did work as we did get pregnant,”

She admits that she receives up to 60+ shots a month:

“Sometimes I have to get [injections] 21 days in a row, three times a day. It’s a lot. But you’ve got to do it.”

The couple isn’t ready to explore other options such as adoption and surrogacy, but they’ve had some very generous offers:

We’ve gotten probably 40 women who have offered to be surrogates, and the other day I got an email saying, ‘My niece is having a baby, and she’s giving it up for adoption and we’d like to give it up to you.”

Wow, that’s pretty amazing to have so many people willing to help.  We wish them well on their journey to become parents.

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