Christina Aguilera’s Son Loves Hole Left By Chin Piercing

Christina Aguilera’s two-year-old son is fixated on the pop star’s old chin piercing and likes to play with the small hole left by the removed jewelery.

The singer admits she no longer sports a lot of the body piercings she flaunted during her youth and while the holes have mostly healed, there’s still evidence of one on her chin – and her son Max loves nothing better than to touch it.
Aguilera says,

“Old piercings, I have many. He’s fascinated with a time and place in my life when I had a little hole in my chin and he sort of plays with the hole in my chin.”

The pop star insists she doesn’t regret any of her piercings and would not stand in the way of Max getting pierced when he’s older, but she hopes it’ll be several years before she has to face that decision – and her own big reveal about where all her piercings were.  She adds,

“I want him to express himself as an individual and I’m OK with that. It’ll be a long time coming before he sees where I got all my piercings.”

Photos by Juan Rico/Fame pictures

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