Natalie Imbruglia and Justin Hemmes in Sydney

Natalie Imbruglia and her new man Justin Hemmes enjoy a night out together at Toko restaurant in Sydney.

The night turned a bit awkward when Imbruglia’s ex-husband Daniel Johns was spotted having drinks next door with his long time girlfriend Louise Van Der Vorst and Empire of the Sun frontman Nick Littlemore.

Natalie Imbruglia and Justin Hemme reportedly had to walk directly past Daniel and Louise as they walked to their restaurant. The “on good terms” exes reportedly did not share a word with each other. Mad drama, yo!

Don’t you just love “Torn” – If you’re going to have one major US hit…it best be a great one like this!!! I love it also because it was on our XM radio during our Hawaii honeymoon literally every 10 minutes…it was the fller for commercials of a local “free” radio station we liked. Still stuck in my head! Yellow Wrangler, just awesome.

Photos by Pacific Coast News

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