Sheryl Crow’s Priority Is Her Kids

Sheryl Crow is looking to reduce her grueling touring schedule because of her children.

Crow who has adopted sons –Wyatt (3) and Levi (5-month-old) – is considering a lighter workload because traveling with children is exhausting.

“In Nashville, singers with kids only play live on Saturdays and Sundays,” she said. “They call themselves the weekend warriors. I think I might do the same thing myself soon enough.”

Touring also doesn’t have the same excitement it used to.  Crow’s ‘wild and crazy’ touring days seem to be over.

“Touring is a very different thing for me now. I’m much calmer, much less… debauched would be the wrong word. I was never debauched, but I did like a smoke and a drink,” she said.

“These days, I’m lucky if I end the evening with a glass of wine. But then I travel with my children now. My priorities have changed.”

The only things Crow is checking out in the towns she tours are:

“It’s parks, aquariums, museums in the morning,” she said. “Then lunch, a nap for them, sound check for me, dinner all together and then I tuck them into their bunks before going on stage. As soon as the show is over, I’m back on the bus and to sleep — hopefully.”

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