Run, Kellan, Run!

Kellan Lutz, star of “The Twilight Saga”, goes for a run with his dog around his LA neighborhood.

Lutz finished his run STRONG with an intense sprint down the middle of the road. Man, it’s like vamps and wares are chasing him…

Photos by Pacific Coast News

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  1. Sharon says

    hot…hot….hot…he is SO much more pleasing to look at than the non attractive Robert Pattinson. And a lovely body to boot….sigh

  2. NS Girl says

    Thanks for the clarification Babyrazzi! I appreciate the quick feedback!! I love the idea of a Pet Section! Anonymous– pets aren’t babies…get a grip! I love pets…but really??!!!

    • BabyRazzi says

      The site is trying to cover a bit of celeb pets. Many people enjoy it and it is a small part of the site. We are probably going to move it to a separate section soon, so it won’t pop up in the main section. Thanks for your input.


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