Michael and Lindsay Lohan Had Dinner?

Michael Lohan leaves Acqua Pazza in Rancho Mirage after allegedly having dinner with daughter Lindsay Lohan.

The 24-year-old actress is undergoing a court-ordered stint in rehab in an attempt to cure her of her addictions. Miss Lohan is to stay within the center’s program until January 3.

While this guy is far from father-of-the-year, it would HAVE to help Lindsay out a bit to have dad actually IN her corner. We’ll see what happens, but “kids” always need their parents to be there, even when they’re old and famous. Even though she’s 24, she certainly acts younger, so here’s to hoping she finally straightens herself out…it’s tough to see her like this. She looks great, here, though…11/10/10.

By the way, Mike..who’s Jay and why do you have his drink from the ‘Buck??

Photos by Pacific Coast News

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