Naomi Watts Seems Like A Great Mom

USA Today recently spoke to the gorgeous Naomi Watts about her family and it seems that her family is #1, as it well should be.

The actress reschedules an interview three times because one of her sons is under the weather. And when she does sit down at her favorite downtown haunt, her hair still wet, her face free of makeup, Watts keeps her iPhone nearby, periodically glancing at the screen. Her fiancé, actor Liev Schreiber, is out with sons Sasha, 3, and Kai, almost 2, and is texting her to make sure she knows where to meet them after she wraps up her work. Watts’ goal? The same as any other day: Exhaust the toddlers by keeping them active.

“I know all the playgrounds very well,” says Watts, 42. “On the weekends, we tend to spend the whole day outside. We ride bikes on the West Side Highway. We go up to the park. There’s a little children’s museum (downtown) and we go there. We went to the carousel. We go to Chelsea Piers. There’s endless things to do.”

The actress was asked to recall an event from a couple of years ago, and her reply rings pretty true to all who feel the years flying, if not slipping, away, once you are lucky enough to have kids.

“There’s nothing like children to remind you of the passing of the time.”

Truer words are hard to come by, so please try your best to enjoy every ,minute with those little ones.  I have to remind myself of that when I’m at my wits end about to erupt at something that’s probably not all that important in the grand scheme of things.

She goes on to talk about how her and hubby are in a great position to NOT be away from the kids for too long, great to hear:

“I think I’m choosy. It’s a fantastic position to be in where you can actually say, ‘I really respond to this or no, I don’t.’ It’s taken years to get to that position,” Watts says.

She and Schreiber, 43, take turns working, and Watts says that to date, neither has been away from their sons for more than one day.

Great interview, seems like a great, genuine mom…how I run into her and/or Liev in the city sometime!

Photos by Pacific Coast News

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