Eric Roberts Slams Kate Gosselin’s Parenting

Reality mom Kate Gosselin may have a hit show, but don’t count Eric Roberts among her many fans.  The actor lashed out at Kate’s parenting skills:

I know she’s fading from the news, but hopefully someone’s still got their eye on the wellbeing of her kids. Kate Gosselin is a child abuser

He doesn’t stop there:

Thank goodness there is footage of Gosselin hitting her kids, and apparently feeling fine about it. I say thank goodness, because behind closed doors makes it that much tougher to stop…

This trend to document life as it happens, and to have the documentation studied by strangers, is not going away any time soon. I don’t think it’s inherently bad. I think the Gosselin kids’ private lives are their problem, not the fact that their private lives are public. They have an awful mother, and a father who doesn’t stop her.

Have you watched Kate’s show?  What do you think about Eric’s assessment of her parenting?

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  1. Julia says

    I think Kate has been USING her kids to be famous for a long long time….I even think that her ex Joh left her was the right thing to do, coz Jon told the media and spoke on Larry King’s show that he did not want their kids to be in front of camara anymore! But kate didn’t care. What kind of mom can let your kids to live on a reality show for such a long time?? What a fake she is. Her kids should fight back and teach her a lesson! Grow up kids! So you can fight for your life!

  2. lals says

    spanking your kids doesnt make you a child abuser idiot. if its for discipline and not over board, its not a bad thing. i was spanked as a child, but that wasnt nothing compared to mental and emotinal put down i saw some of my friends parents put them threw. I dont plan to spank my kids when I have them but thats my choice that doesnt mean giving a kid a tap on their hand or a spanking is neccesarily a bad thing as long as it doesnt get out of hand. this dude is wayy out of line, seriously those kids arent an of your concern, leave the raising to their family. if their family wants to step up and talk about it then fine but trying to blast her to the media makes you look like a douche. let her ‘fade’ vuase you bringing her back up is just gonna put her right back into the limelight.


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