Robin Thicke’s Mission: Impossible To Keep Up With Jet-Setting Wife & Baby

Soul star Robin Thicke feels like he’s living his own Mission: Impossible” as he tries to keep up with his wife Paula Patton and the couple’s baby on the set of the latest Tom Cruise action blockbuster.

The singer jetted off to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates late last week  to be with his wife on the set of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, but he admits all the traveling is a real test.  He says,

“It’s worth it; I would go anywhere to see that baby. I’m excited Paula is in the new movie because I’m a big Tom Cruise fan myself. She was in Prague for six weeks, so I went there to visit a couple of times and she’s in Dubai for about a week.”

And there’s another big reason to jet from concert stage to soundstage – the chance to meet Cruise.  Thicke adds,

“I have not met Tom because he wasn’t there when I was but I would like to, except I don’t go anywhere near the set when my wife is filming.

“It’s all top secret stuff and I know to keep my distance, but it’s a very prominent role, so I’m very excited for my wife.”

Photos by AAR/Fame Pictures

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