Mariah Carey Credits Acupuncture For Helping Her Get Pregnant

In the new issue of Us Weekly, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon open up about their struggle to conceive a child together.   After they were married back in 2008, Mariah suffered a miscarriage and the two had difficulty trying to conceive another child.  She started taking progesterone to help boost her fertility, but also credits acupuncture for helping her get pregnant.

Nick shared that she received daily acupuncture treatments:

“all over her body. I think it helped her quite a bit, because it was a good destressor.”

He talks about their reaction to the baby news:

“We definitely cried. We still cry all the time. It’s an emotional journey.”

Mariah gushes about the dad-to-be:

“He’s a great person, and we have more in common than not”

“I know people initially were, ‘What? Those two?’ But I think people who know us get it.”

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  1. Melissa says

    Sorry, to her about your miscarriage. I’m glade you and Nick are having a baby. I know how it feel to wait to have a child and we had to wait 6 years before I was pregnant. We went through fertility and surgery but now I have a year old and Love her more and more every day. So when that baby come give it a hug and a kiss.

  2. Gineva says

    From one of Mariah Carey biggest fans. She is rocking, no doubt and Nick is a good man. Wish them nothing but the best. God bless their lil bundle coming. Mariah, I look forward to continuing to hear your wonderful music. Nick…you doin things homie…keep it real. Love you guys!! Be blessed.

  3. mae says

    sorry to say, but i do get the impression, she is “milking that (pregnancy) cow”. publicity stunt all the way.

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