Pink: ‘Parents Should Spank Their Kids’

Outspoken pop star Pink has urged parents to be tough on their troubled kids – because she would have died young if it hadn’t been for her dad’s hard justice.

The “Trouble” singer fears political correctness has stripped modern parents of the ability to spank their children when they mess up and do wrong – and she feels that so many kids need a good smack from time to time to keep them on the right path.  Pink tells Access Hollywood,

“I think parents need to beat the c**p outta their kids… I think the whole spanking thing and how it’s gotten all PC (politically correct) is for the birds.

“(My dad) put me through a wall; it’s the only reason I’m still alive.”

And Pink accepts she was a headache for her parents, who eventually kicked her out of the family home at 15.
She adds,

“I deserved it. I would have kicked me out when I was eight… I was not comfortable with authority or rules. I was bad.”

What do you think – to spank or not to spank?

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  1. fancyface says

    I agree it depends on each child and how they are behaving, i was a stern parent when my kids were little,but i loved them and always showed them and told them they were loved, and i gave them everything i possibly could, they were never lacking in anything,.. But i spanked them when they needed it, and sent them to their rooms and gave them time outs, they respected and loved me… but once they hit 13 and in junior high, it all changed for the worse, the disrespect, not following my house rules, getting into trouble, the swearing at me when arguing, i stood my ground and i still do, and am using very tough love on them right now, i have told them i will NOT EVER tolerate their disrespect towards me, i don’t care how old they are, i am their mother…I have sent them both to their dad thinking he would be more authoiritive with them and they will respect his rules, that didn’t happen, after a while their dad got tired of trying to disapline them and gave up, so now they pretty much do what they want, my daughter is now 18 and was back home with me for the last year and 1/2 until she graduated High School, she was really good the whole tiime she was back…then she moved back with her dad.. but we are not speaking right now, as i am having to do the tough love thing on her until she grows up enough to relaize her actions and words do hurt, and i am not going to listen to it anymore! My son is just about 17 and still lives with his dad, but only talks with me when he wants me to send him money, or bail his ass out of trouble, i have also told him no more, get a job and pay for your own stupid actions, then maybe you will realize, the money is now coming out of your own pocket that you have had to work for, and if you can’t afford your habits ie: smoking and drinking, then i guess you shouldn’t be doing it! He doesn’t like that i have had to do the tough love on them but thats to bad, i am their mother not a danm dog you kick to the curb! They will hopefully grow – up one day and realize, what their actions have done to our relationship! Because of their actions they have lost their mother, and if that makes them feel ok then so be it! My love for them will always be there, but the disrepect can stay at the door!

  2. Jay2 says

    I am against the wall with it, I say it depends on the action your child do. Like touching outlets grabing for dangerous things or walking toward the street. I know most will say they shouldn’t be in those situation but …….lets be real we can’t stop all situation but if you spank them and really make sure your stern with your words it will get through their head that this is something that is really bad. Spanking all kids don’t work you have to know your child personality. I know that my kids hate the feeling of being isolated from my wife and I. My son don’t like us to be mad at hiim an say I am not happy with you, so he tends to get the message clearer that way. My daughter don’t like to be alone and so when punish to a spot in the house by herself. Some kids need to be spank and punished. But to each is own. I was spanked and I am far from violent.

    • Anonymous says

      @Jay2~ I totally agree with you! It definitely depends on the situation and the child’s personality!!!

  3. Brazilian grl says

    You don’t have to torture them or spank.
    It is better for the child to THINK she can always get a slap on the butt if she behaves bad than a parent that keeps threatening and doesn’t do anything and gets only disrespect from the child.
    A slap and “go to your room now” is a good thing yes… It is best that you beat your child than because of lack of spanking home, he/she gets the beating from life.. Or on the road…
    Also, some children should get their spanking when small and you should stablished who is the parent cause if not, it might happen that they’ll be the ones who’ll beat you when they get big…

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