Melissa Rycroft Craves Sno-Cones And Cereal

Melissa Rycroft and husband Tye Strickland stepped out this weekend for the 17th Annual Dream Halloween benefiting the children affected by AIDS, dressed up as Snooki and DJ Pauly D.  Melissa chatted about her pregnancy and the lack of cravings:

I found out I was pregnant and was like, ‘Oh great, I can totally gross people out with some really disgusting craving.’” But it wasn’t like that. I eat sno-cones and cereal.”

“I’d rather eat clean if I’m not having cravings. I’m trying to stay active and have the weight that I gain be healthy weight, so it’s easier to take off.”

They already know they are having a girl and said that choosing a name “came easily” to them, but they plan to keep it private until the baby is born.  For Melissa, waiting is the hard part:

“I just can’t wait to meet her. I just can’t wait to see what she looks like and who she’s going to act like.”

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