Tina Fey Is Happy To Raise Her Daughter In NYC

Tina Fey appreciates the benefits of raising her daughter, Alice (5), in NYC.  Tina says that her Upper East Side neighborhood is a great place that allows “kids to be kids”.

They get to dress sloppy, spill things on themselves, run around and play in the park,” she continues. “There’s no preciousness; it’s all very normal.”

She loves the easy access to a variety of cultural activities:

“When I was growing up [in Upper Darby, Penn.], going to a museum was a big deal. “It was a major day trip that you had to plan for. Here, you walk out your front door and five minutes later, bam! You’re staring at dinosaur bones. The proximity is great. Of course, if you ask Alice, she’ll say that all she wants is a yard.”

The one drawback to big city living is the small living space:

“the lack of toy management at my house because of that fact is, frankly, stunning,”

Tina shares her key piece of advice for working moms who are trying to find balance:

“Whenever you can, just go home”

If you could choose, would you prefer to raise kids in a big city like NYC or in an area where it’s possible to have a house with a yard?  They each have their benefits, so it’s a tough call.

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