Celine Dion Wanted A Baby Girl

Celine Dion dreamed of having a little girl after learning she was pregnant with twins – but insists she was “truly happy” to add two more boys to her family.

The singer fell pregnant after undergoing months of in-vitro fertilization treatments and admits she longed to give her nine-year-old son Rene-Charles a little sister.  But after she was told she was having two boys, Dion insists their health was all that mattered to her.  She tells French magazine Gala,

“Honestly, if I had a choice, certainly I’d have liked to have a girl. But the day I learned that I was expecting two boys, I wasn’t disappointed. It was a day of tremendous joy. I’m truly happy.

“Everything went well and the babies are in good health. That’s all that counts.”

And that’s true, health of the mother and the child – or in Celine’s case, children – is all that counts.

Photo by ANG/Fame pictures

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