SJP, James, and YSL Hitting The Road To School

Sarah Jessica Parker and her son James walk to school in good spirits. SJP took her time to fix James backpack as they walked through the New York streets talking and laughing.

So, today it’s SJP and not Matthew.  Wonder how they make up the “walking James to school” schedule. Sometimes it’s a juggling act, though that sounds crazy. I would assume that these 2 always have some kind of project cooking, and the erratic way of an entertainer’s life can make life’s normal occurrences a bit more complicated than it should be. Sounds absurd, but even the life of a blogger family can be like this…not a normal schedule whatsoever.  Hey, there’s worse things in life.

Side: What do you think about SJP’s YSL (bag)?

Photos by Pacific Coast News

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