David Beckham Talks Sex With Son Brooklyn

Oh boy, David Beckham had “the talk” that most parents dread!  Yup, David had the sex talk with his eleven-year-old son Brooklyn because he’s been showing interest in girls at his new school.

However, the soccer superstar couldn’t finish the conversation.  He felt so awkward that he left in the middle of convo to leave it up to his wife Victoria Beckham.  David told Ryan Seacrest during a radio interview on KIIS FM radio:

“Brooklyn is going to a new school. He’s noticed he’s getting attention from girls and he likes it, so we had the sex talk.

“It was more Victoria than me. I had to walk out of the room because Brooklyn’s looking at me at the corner of his eye, kind of laughing. It was a serious talk and I had to get out! I couldn’t take it.”

So what will the couple do when their son decides to date?  David said:

“It’s a question for Victoria.”

I don’t think David would be happy with this comment but, I can see Victoria more in charge of something like that.

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