Peter Andre Hopes To Find Love With Help Of Son

The ‘Defender’ singer Peter Andre is hoping to have help with his love life through his five-year-old son, Junior.

It seems to be the old school trick with single dads – you know a walk in the park with the child, taking the kid to the supermarket – hoping that the child will be a chick magnet.  Andre jokes about how well his oldest child gets along with women and hopes of finding a fellow single parent at his son’s school.  He said:

“Junior is always coming home from school and telling me about this girl and that girl. I’m like, ‘What about their mums, are they single?’

“He did tell me one girl’s mum wanted to meet me, and then I got worried it was because he was in trouble and she wanted to have a word with me so I haven’t met her yet.”

Dad Andre also hopes that Junior’s enthusiasm for performing will create his own success.

Andre shares son Junior and daughter Princess Tiaamii (3) with with ex-wife Katie Price.   Both children enjoy music like their father, and Andre told New! magazine in an interview:

“Junior loves it. He’s like a mini Michael Jackson, doing all of the moves. He puts me to shame. He thinks of songs in term of the whole package and will do a little routine to the song. I’m telling you, he’s going to be a star.

“He’s got a plan! I’m always like, ‘You’re going to be playing the O2 before I am.’ Princess comes in and out of the room when my music’s on and will go, ‘I like this one, I don’t like this.’ She knows her own mind.”

Photos by Barcroft/Fame pictures

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