Gwen And Fam At Mr. Bones

Gwen Stefani and her sons Kingston and Zuma get ready for the upcoming Halloween holiday as they visit Mr. Bones pumpkin patch. Both Kingston, who grabbed a bamboo stick on the way out, and Zuma left the pumpkin patch with their faces painted.

Nice!  We love the patch, but don’t dress the kids up. We feel like those costumes will be wrecked before Halloween comes. Perhaps if we had money like Gwen, we would be able to get over such reservations? But for now, we cannot.

By the way…you know what’s coming…MR. BONES IS IN THE HOUSE YET AGAIN. Now, it’s getting ridiculous. Is this the only pumpkin patch in LA? Help me out LA people…is this place that awesome? I must know.

Photos by Pacific Coast News

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