Hugh Jackman And Daughter Ava Scoot Around NYC

Scoot, scoot.  Hugh Jackman rides with daughter Ava in Greenwich Village, New York City. This family is always finding fun ways to turn the routine walk to and from school into something a little bit more exciting.

Loving the PDA, Hugh. Kiss that baby as much as you can…she’ll be a tween, teen, or whatever the new term for kid that thinks they’re a grown-up is.

PS, Ava has the coolest wardrobe – it’s a bit Punky Brewster meets Pippi Longstockings!  Love it!

PPS, who’s better than Hugh Jackman, really? Great actor, seems like a decent guy, incredible range. I mean, Wolverine and The Boy From Oz all in the same career…really? Awesomely charming.

Photos by FAME

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