Simpson Wentz at the Dub F, Baby

Singer Ashlee Simpson and hubby rocker Pete Wentz with son Bronx Mowgli shopping for healthy grub at Whole Foods in Encino, CA. Man, they look happy…good for them. Really nice to see.

Side note: Man, I loves me some Whole Foods, really. What an awesome place if you love good food. Sure, it can be a bit more for things than an average supermarket, but sometimes it’s worth it. I mean that in a very practical and “real” way, not as some snobbish poser sort of way. The place often times gets a bad rap as being elitist in some way, but it’s just a wonderfully stocked place with unique, mostly good for you food.

So, back off haters…just stop frontin’ and get on the Dub F train, baby…;o)

Photos by FAME

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