Kristen Stewart Was Pregnant According To Grandparents

Or so the grandparents thought to believe!

Kristen Stewart’s grandparents believed the rumors that the Twilight star was pregnant.  Obviously knowing the rumors were false, Kristen ignored them, but not some of her family members.

“I had my grandparents call my mom when people thought I was pregnant for a while,” says Kristen.

“I don’t really know why but my grandparents believed it. They were convinced. My mom was like ‘You guys, you have to stop reading all this stuff, because that’s not the case. You should stop reading magazines in the grocery store’.”

I wonder how many tabloid rumors cause these actors and actresses problems at home and in personal relationships?  If I was famous, I definitely wouldn’t be able to read anything about me.  That takes some serious tough skin!

Photos by AAR/Diane Cohen/Fame pictures

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