AFam Chilling in Miami…ARod Has The Time

Alex Rodriguez, the great Yankees slugger, takes the kids to Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach, Florida. He has the time now to spend with the fam since the 2009 World Champs were smacked around by the Texas Rangers, one step away from the World Series.

I am a Met fan, but I’m old enough, and loyal to NY enough to not be a Yankee hater. If my teams don’t win, then SOMEBODY from NY should! Yes, they pay alot, but guess what…they can, they put their money where their mouth is, and they win…a lot. They put their money into the product, just like any good business. They could be living MUCH fatter if they cut some corners. All sports fans, no matter what they claim, would LOVE to have owners like the ones that own the Yanks…win, each year, or you’re a failure. It’s awesome, and so it ARod..again, jealousy rears its ugly head.

Photos by FAME

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