Adriana Lima Will Support Her Daughter No Matter What

Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima says that since giving birth to her daughter Valentina last year, she feels sexier than ever.

I’m in love, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Adriana says she’s no hypocrite when it comes to her daughter’s future, even if she wants to become a model just like her mom:

“I will support her whatever she may become — a model, a ballerina, a doctor … whatever makes her happy,”

Little Valentina will turn one next month and her parents are already prepping her for the big day:

She just started clapping her hands a few days ago.  I’m teaching her the ‘Happy Birthday’ song so when she hears it, she’ll know how to do it. I have friends that have babies so we’re going to get together and celebrate.”

Did you feel more comfortable with your body after you had kids?  Well, I’m sure if we all looked like Victoria’s Secret models we’d feel pretty darn fantastic, right? 😉

Photos by FAME

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