Samantha Harris Says Daughter Is Her Yoga Buddy

Entertainment Tonight correspondent Samantha Harris has been keeping in tip-top shape throughout her pregnancy and credits her 3-year-old for keeping her active.

She’s interested in whatever Mommy’s doing. She actually knows my friend Patrick’s DVDs by name, so she’ll say, ‘Let’s do Patrick’s video.’ Or she’ll say, ‘Mommy, let’s turn this one off. Let’s do yoga instead.’ She knows [I] likes to exercise and she knows what exercise is, and she’s really great about helping [me] out when she can.”

Even though Samantha maintains a good diet and exercise routine, she still gives in to the occasional cravings:

I do have a weakness.  When I go to the Entertainment Tonight set, I go to the craft services table where they have these really great chocolate-covered old-fashioned doughnuts. I take them and I eat a chunk out of it. I don’t eat the whole thing, but I definitely cut myself a nice slice of it.”

Photo by FAME

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