Marissa Jaret Winokur Tries To Balance Work And Motherhood


Along with her new duties at “The Talk” , Marissa Jaret Winokur has started blogging, too.  She is going through the same struggle as man other working moms: how to find a balance between work and home. She writes:

As I sit to start my first mommy blog (not to be confused with my dieting blog … that didn’t work, I never lost weight!) you have to know that I have had a hard time finding the time and place to even type this.

Then I realized that is exactly what I need to blog about: We talk about the “balancing act of motherhood,” but has anyone really figured it out yet?! If so, please comment down below. (Please, only say nice things because I read the comments…)

Here’s my situation: I have now started a new job as a co-host on The Talk! This will really be my first full-time job since my son Zev was born in July 2008…

All you need to know is that I’ve been a full-time mom for the past year-and-a-half, and now I am starting a full-time job — and I am totally freaking out!!!

I find that I am being pulled in so many directions. I call it the 25 percent club. It’s like I am only 25 percent available for everything I do. My husband gets 25 percent. My son gets 25 percent. My job gets 25 perfect. And I get 25 percent. THAT IS NOT GOOD!!!

So what do we women do?!

Do you have any advice?  Were you able to stay at home with your kids?  If not, were/are you able to find any sort of balance (or sanity)?

Have you checked out “The Talk” yet?

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