Nick Cannon Says He's Ready For Fatherhood

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon still aren’t confirming or denying that they are expecting a baby, but the press is getting more creative in their attempts to trip them up.   You can’t blame the reporters for trying, but Nick was prepared for whatever trick questions they threw his way.

When asked if they want a certain number of kids, he shared:

Not really. I mean, it’s just whatever God blesses us with at that time. We’ll be happy with whatever it is.

On his hopes for a son or daughter:

We just want a healthy child

He’s not concerned about his young age – he’s confident that he’ll do a good job:

“My parents were actually kids when had me.  My parents were still in high school and teenagers — and we have a beautiful relationship. I’ll probably be that same way.”

We’ll just see these two strolling with a baby one of these days and that will be our confirmation, I guess.  😉

Photo by FAME

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  1. Irene says

    hearing about this is getting old…why dont they just do it already….shes getting up there in age she better do it before she gets to old…

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