Lily Allen Confirms She's Having A Boy

Singer Lily Allen shared in this month’s issue of ‘Stylist‘ that she is expecting a baby boy! She says that knowing the sex of the baby made things a bit more real:

“You start to think of names, and then you can go shopping, and it all feels like it’s happening,”

She promises her baby’s name will not be something outrageous:

“I’ve got a really stupid list of names, but I won’t show you,” she teases, before promising that their choice won’t make headlines. “Sam is way too straight and traditional for that sort of thing,”

Lily shares that things have fallen in place for her:

I’ve got a boyfriend I love to pieces. I’m having a baby who will hopefully be as beautiful as he is. I’ve got an amazing shop. I work with my sister and I’ve got a lovely house in the country.  It certainly ticks all my boxes.”

Aw! Congrats to them!

Photos by FAME

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