Crazy Baby Rumor Of The Day: Catherine Zeta-Jones And Michael Douglas Planning A Baby

Star magazine is claiming that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones want to have another baby together.  Reportedly Michael told Catherine:

“that he wanted her to be able to have another baby with him more than anything.”

My initial reaction is to think that this is totally false.  When you are fighting for your life, the last thing you’re going to be doing is planning for another baby!   BUT on the other hand, Catherine reportedly has made no secret of the fact that she wanted more kids – and sometimes an illness or other life-altering event makes people realize how short life is, so maybe it is true?

I hope right now he’s just focused on healing and getting his strength back.

What do you think?  Possibly true or pure rubbish?

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  1. Casey says

    Whilst it’s actually not that uncommon for cancer patients/terminal patients to want another baby, especIally if they think they will die because they want to leave their partners with a part of theirselves with their loved one(even if they already have children), I’m unsure about it being true. The mentality behind it might be, ie he wishes he could see her happy and pregnnant(also it’s a very male thing-they feel their strength/virility it under threat by illness and getting wife pregnant sort of proves to them their still all man) but the physical part of it, ability to actualy do it probaby not true. If they have another then they do. Their choice and if it brings them happiness then allnpower to them

  2. Irene says

    i would say false…. because when you do chemo and radiation it makes you sterile…..women and men…i doubt thats even on his mind right now…


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