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A mother-of-two has lost her home after the bankrupt Crystal Cathedral failed to pay her over $50,000 for hiring – CAMELS. Kristina Oliver regularly leased camels to the international TV evangelist church which they used for religious-themed events and holiday pageants. The church has been hiring the humped animals from the family for over 30 years but this year said it was unable to pay a $56,000 debt.

It broadcasts its services around the globe on a television show called The Hour of Power – the most-watched Christian program in the world with 20 million viewers. But the church – founded by televangelist Robert Harold Schuller – has now gone bankrupt with reported debts of up to $55 million. It failed to pay camel-wrangler Katrina the money it owes leaving her in debt and unable to pay the mortgage on her five acre ranch. The bank has foreclosed on the loan meaning Katrina, her husband and two young daughters are being evicted from their home in Hemet, California.

Kristina, 40, said: “My family have been supplying camels to the church for decades but earlier this year it became obvious something was wrong. ‘”They didn’t pay me and it meant I couldn’t meet my mortgage or health insurance payments. “I told them how badly I needed it but they said they weren’t honoring past payables and were waiting for cash flow. The bank have since foreclosed and we’ve lost the home. “I can’t believe how they have acted. It’s not exactly a Christian way of treating people.”

The Crystal Cathedral is a Protestant ‘mega church’ based in Garden Grove, Orange County, which began as a drive-in house of worship near Disneyland. It grew into a worldwide television religious powerhouse broadcasting to millions of people. But in February church administrators said they were closing down many operations including schools amid financial woes. Officials later admitted they owed $7.5 million to various small businesses – with many of the debts racked-up for its annual ‘Glory of Easter’ and ‘Glory of Christmas’ pageants. Crystal Cathedral yesterday (Monday) filed for bankruptcy in Southern California after months of trying to overcome mounting debt.

Photos by Pacific Coast News

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