Mel Gibson A Deadbeat Dad

A lawyer for Mel Gibson’s ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva has branded the troubled actor a “deadbeat dad”, accusing him of falling behind on child support payments.

The Braveheart star is locked in a bitter custody battle with Russian singer Grigorieva over the care of their baby daughter Lucia, following their split earlier this year (10).  Grigorieva headed to a Los Angeles court on Friday (10/15), when her lawyer Lisa Bloom requested a judge order Gibson to hand over $250,000 to cover his ex’s legal fees.

Reports suggest the actor is querying the amount and the judge set a hearing for 10 November (10) to discuss the cost.
But that’s not Gibson’s only financial problem – according to Bloom, the Hollywood star owes Grigorieva child support money too.
The singer won an increase in payments for little Lucia in August (10), after a judge demanded Gibson boost the $5,000 monthly installments to $20,000 to cover the baby’s expenses.  But, after the court appearance on Friday, Bloom told Gibson was a “deadbeat dad” for failing to stay on top of his commitments.

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  1. Romans Mom says

    Deadbeat or Unhuman??
    Today….Right before the holidays the father of my son Roman (7yrs) decides to modify his 2006 Court Order Child Support and was granted temporary relief ;-( I did not have an attorney , but will find a way to retain… Antoine Fuqua my sons father has been aware that I have been having financial problems due to my business in Real Estate but still moves forward to modify…Antoine has over $100,000.00 in arrears due to non-payment and still will not help in Romans private schooling, per Antoine “school is not important”:-( For many years I had hoped that Antoine would care from his heart….but the promises & love he said he had for us now just seem soo fake…a sick tool….I hope that one day Antoine will realize the hurt he has caused in this LIFE…In Romans LIFE…And I pray GOD will forgive him….Todays pain is unbearable…. The pain of a father treatin their own BLOOD sooo unfair….

    • Anonymous says

      I feel bad for you. We keep getting notices from him as he worked on one of our company’s movies but we received the notices only after all monies were paid to him.

      Wish there was something that could be done…

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