Justin Timberlake Blames Mom For Love Woes

Justin Timberlake is convinced he has suffered “problems with girls” because he will “never” find a woman “as good” as his mother.
The “SexyBack” hitmaker’s previous lovers include Britney Spears, Alyssa Milano and Cameron Diaz, and he has faced constant speculation he’s heading for a split from current girlfriend Jessica Biel, who he has been dating since 2007.

Biel has previously spoken out about Timberlake’s close bond with his mom Lynne, admitting she was “stressed” to meet her because of their tight relationship.  And Timberlake has now admitted he constantly compares love interests to his beloved mother.
He tells Britain’s Daily Mail,

“We’re best friends – she’s a very special woman. She’s been so supportive. She’s partly the reason why I have so much respect for women. I’m never going to find someone as good as my mother, am I? Maybe that’s why I have such problems with girls.”

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