Heather Locklear Hits The Red Carpet With Daughter Ava

Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora hit the red carpet with their daughter Ava yesterday for the WTB Spring 2011 fashion show in L.A.  It’s hard to believe this young lady just turned 13 this month.  She looks much older than that doesn’t she?

It’s nice to see that things aren’t awkward between Heather and Richie and that they can be there for their daughter without tension.  Kudos to them.

Photos by FAME

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  1. Jem says

    How can anybody let their 13 year old dress like that? If she were a regular child in Britain, she would be let into a club looking like that, it’s quite dangerous, yes she’s a teenager now and she can now pick out clothes herself but surely there must be a limit? She’s still a little girl at that age. Awful.

  2. marti says

    She is a pretty girl, but entirely too young to be dressed like that. See through??!!?? NO WAY!! Heather looks good too since she toned down her hair a bit.

  3. Dnice says

    She actually looks 13 by the face. The outfit is too dark and vampy. It’s actually just a terrible outfit all together. Pretty girl though.

  4. nikkie says

    I can’t believe she would let her 13 year old daughter dress like that! She looks cheap and trashy.

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