Catherine Zeta-Jones Walks Carys To NYC School

Catherine Zeta-Jones walks daughter Carys to school in New York amid reports Oliver Stone said Michael Douglas’s condition was “precarious”. Douglas’s publicist has refuted “Wall Street” director Stone’s remark, saying, “The doctors are very happy…he’s perfectly fine. If Mr Stone in Berlin knows something different, well, what can I say”.

Douglas, the husband of Zeta-Jones, has been undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy treaments for cancer. He has not been seen on the school run since Thursday. C’mon Michael..I hope this is just coincidence and not really something to be concerned about…maybe he’s just tired or busy?

Photos by Pacific Coast News

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  1. Dnice says

    Tired or busy? I’m going to go with extremely worn out. Chemo takes the life out of you. I was surprised he was pushing it to the limit walking his daughter everyday, although I can understand him wanting to spend every minute with her. I have known 3 cancer victims in my lifetime and your energy level goes to crap once you start chemo and radiation. If he is being treated aggressively, which I assume, he barely has the strength to move let alone walk the streets of NY. He should be home resting.


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