Rick Schroder's Four Kids Have Made His Marriage Stronger

Can you believe that Rick Schroder has been married (to wife Andrea) for 18 years already? My mind has him in a time capsule, forever frozen as Ricky Stratton on “Silver Spoons”, which probably would make Rick cringe if he read this.  Believe it or not, he’s married and has four kids: Holden, 18, Luke, 17, Cambrie, 13, and Faith Anne, 9.   He recently shared that having a big family has kept his marriage strong:

I would say it’s the four children that help keep our relationship strong. We talk about the kids all the time, and notice traits they have of each of us. It helps us appreciate each other more.”

Rick’s oldest son was in a serious motorbike accident back in 2007, and is still recovering from the head injuries.  He shared:

traumatic head injuries take a long time to heal.” “We know a lot more now, but it seems like so little is known about the brain,” he adds. “It changed our whole family because we experienced how fragile life can be.”

He also shared a bit of what life is like with three teens and an almost-teen:

With three teenagers, a lot of our time revolves around food. Buying food, making food and cleaning up the food, and then start the process over again.”

“It is a marathon getting everyone fed, lunches packed, homework ready and to school by 8 a.m.”

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    I feel the same way. It is hard to believe he has four kids. Even though I grew up watching him and have kids myself, I still seen him as little Ricky from Silver Spoons.

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