Milla Jovovich's Daughter Has A Naughty Obsession

Actress Milla Jovovich might have her hands full with daughter, Ever (almost 3), because the toddler is obsessed with “naughty” ladies.

Taking her daughter to the set of her new move Stone, Ever caught a glimpse of pictures of “naked girls tacked up on lockers.”

“When I noticed the pictures, I was like, ‘Whoa! This is a picture … I mean … uh …’ And then I got her out of there!” Milla said.

“Ever now has naughty ladies on the brain and even wants to be one for Halloween!”

Ever apparently didn’t take after her mom, who was a “fantasy geek” during her younger years.

“I was a real kind of fantasy geek growing up and watching Kung-Fu theater with my dad every Sunday,” she said.

“I always had this dream of being one of those ninjas that hops from tree to tree. I love to challenge myself, and I don’t cut myself any slack.”

Yikes!  How would you feel about your daughter wanting to dress up in a scandalous costume so young?

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Photo by FAME


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