Drew Barrymore & Justin Long Prepare For Parenthood

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long are preparing for parenthood…with a dog!

The on/off couple have reportedly adopted a dog to practice their “parenting” skills.

“Drew jokes that they’re practicing for when they have kids,” a source said.

Drew recently suffered a sadness when her 16-year-old Labrador-mix Flossie passed away in July.

“Justin knew how much Flossie meant to her. He was really there for her,” the source added.

But with bad comes good, and Drew is “grateful” for her life.

“I feel like I’m so grateful for my life. I really love my family and I feel their blood in my veins,” she said.

“But I grew up in a very un-posh environment with a struggling single mother. We were both paying the rent together. It was a tough circumstance, but I think that gave me a sense of gratitude.

“I worked as a waitress so I’m a crazy tipper — I respect people that work. I work myself really hard and I think to be raised in a working class environment was very helpful. As extraordinary and fancy and decadent as the Barrymores are I did not grow up in that kind of environment.”

As for the pair practicing their parenting skills on a dog, things will be very different with an actual child, but I can understand the “baby” steps.

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Photo by Girlie/FAME


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