James Van Der Beek Is A Natural Dad

Former ‘Dawson’s Creek’ star James Van Der Beek can’t believe fatherhood is such a rush – because he found other people’s babies uninteresting before he became a dad.

The actor’s wife Kimberly Brook gave birth to baby Olivia on 25 September (10) and he still can’t believe what a natural father he has become. He tells Wenn,

“I’m handling diaper duty like a pro. I enjoy it. It’s my time to bond with her. I can’t breastfeed her as much as I’d like to, so the time I really get is changing those diapers and then just staring at her.

“Other people’s kids were never that interesting and all of a sudden you have your own and they’re just endlessly fascinating. She’s completely got me wrapped around her finger.”

Van Der Beek is taking a break from Hollywood to play daddy at home and he admits he likes nothing more than to just sit around the house staring at and playing with his baby daughter.  He adds,

“I’ve shifted my focus on baby. My wife and I actually went out and saw as many movies as we could before the baby arrived. As long as you can afford to take time off it’s certainly rewarding.”

Aw Papa Dawson.

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