Denise Richards Enjoys The Funny Things Her Daughters Say

Denise Richards shares some of the funny things her daughters, Sam (6), and Lola (5), say to her.

My girls are always saying funny things; they pick up a lot when I think they aren’t listening. The other day Lola said I looked ‘spectacular,’ which I thought was funny for a [5]-year-old.”

While at a red-carpet event, my daughter she told me — quite loudly — that she’d passed gas.

The actress shared that one way they keep the conversations going is by making family dinners a priority.

We have dinner every night at the same time — a homemade meal — and we just talk.

The single mom also says that while she’s been trying the dating scene, she will only introduce her daughters to someone if  and when the relationship becomes “very serious”.

Photos by FAME

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