David Beckham Plays Around With His Sons

David Beckham was having a ball hanging out with his two youngest sons, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 5, yesterday in Santa Monica while they cheered on Brooklyn,11, during his soccer game. During the half time break, they hit the field for a little goofing around.  David had just arrived back in California after spending a week in Pennsylvania with his soccer team, the L.A. Galaxy.

Victoria recently shared with Marie Claire magazine why she enjoys living in Los Angeles so much:

In England, David and I are big fish in a small pond. But in L.A., we are tiny, tiny, tiny fish in a big pond. I mean, let’s be honest about it. When you’ve got Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes living down the street as your neighbors, who gives a s*** about Victoria and David? Bottom line: I can relax in L.A. I think I’m the only person in that town who doesn’t want to act.  I was an OK singer. I was an OK dancer. But acting? Never could do it.”

Photos by FAME

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    what is your opinion for Wayne Rooney
    Will he really leave Old Trafford?
    because there is now speculation that the 24 year-old could be on the move. It really wouldn’t surprise me if he did move on after all that’s gone on. However it would need to be abroad if he was to avoid the British media.

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