Victoria Beckham's Money Games With Boys

Multi-millionaire Victoria Beckham is determined to teach her children about money management – she makes them barter for breakfast.

The former Spice Girls star and soccer husband David Beckham live in Los Angeles with their sons Brooklyn (11), Romeo (8), and Cruz (5).

British-born Beckham wants her boys to learn the value of the dollar and regularly plays financial games with her sons.  She told Marie Claire magazine,

“The other day we got up early to have breakfast and I was teaching them about American money. I had Post-Its on all the breakfast cereal. On the bread. On the milk. I got a box of fake money from Toys ‘R’ Us. ‘All right,’ I told them at 6am. ‘We’re going to learn about American money. I’m going to make you buy your breakfast.’ “I hand them all a bit of the money. They were all just waking up and going, ‘Mum, we just want our Coco Puffs.’ And I’m going, ‘Coco Puffs! Cost one dollar twenty!'”

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Photos by FAME

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