Seal Thinking About Recording Kids Album With Heidi Klum

Seal chatted about his new album recently and when asked if he’d consider recording a children’s album with wife Heidi Klum, he said this:

I’d love to do something like that with Heidi. We’ve talked about it. We’ve actually written one or two things — silly things. But it would be nice.”

The busy father-of-four shared that they are content with their family size and have no plans to expand:

No more, It’s a handful.”

Seal shared that his oldest daughter, Leni, inspired a portion of one his new songs:

There’s a chapter in [the song ‘Secrets’] that is directly related to our first child, Leni. If you listen to it, you’ll know which one it is. But I try not to be too specific because it takes away the ability for people to relate and make it their own.”

Photos by FAME

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