Elisabeth Hasselbeck To Talk Parenting And More On 'Good Morning America'

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is taking on a new project.  The feisty mom isn’t leaving her gig at ‘The View’, but she announced that she will also be working over at ‘Good Morning America’ as a contributor.

I am thrilled to join the ‘Good Morning America’ team, and I am thankful for this opportunity to raise awareness and explore the most important issues facing parents and children,”

It’s said that Elisbeth’s segments will tackle some of the touchier issues regarding parenting.  I’m willing to bet that they chose her because she’s no push-over and has certainly proved that she’s not afraid to let her views be known – no matter how unpopular they are at times.

Are you excited to see what Elisabeth will do over at GMA?  Are you relieved that she’s not leaving The View?

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  1. Mely says

    By the way you set this post up you obviously want people to dog her. Obviously very left wing of you, or should I say, trying to get people to argue. So much for being objective, your personal views obviously come through in your postings. “Are you relieved that she’s not leaving the view?” Really, sarcastic much?

  2. denise says

    okay, so i´m not a fan of her, but what truly bugs me is that her kids always seem to have these bows on their head.
    i´m sure there are plenty of people out there that think they are cute. but for me, they are a horrible look that should really have passed by now.
    but, nevertheless her kids are adorable.

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