Neil Patrick Harris' Boyfriend Is Already A Dad To Twins

Funnyman Neil Patrick Harris will be relying on his partner David Burtka for parenting tips when the couple welcomes twins this autumn (10) – because the actor/chef is already a father to kids from a previous relationship.

The beloved TV star turned to a surrogate to help the pair start a family, and Burtka will have plenty of experience after fathering another set of twins with his former lover, film producer Lane Janger. Burtka and Janger became parents to daughter Flynn and son Javin in 2000, but they split in 2004 and Burtka went on to start a relationship with Harris.

But he will need to brush up on his fatherly duties after spending recent years away from the kids.  A source tells Star magazine,

“David doesn’t see that much of the children, especially since he’s been with Neil. He chats with both of them on the phone and sends them presents on their birthdays.”

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  1. Sash says

    Update: David IS NOT THE BIOLOGICAL FATHER of Flynn and Javin. But he does still keep close contact while keeping up with his own family.

  2. LEO says

    Neil and David have been together for over 6 years. He is not going to have children with David if he feels D. is an unfit parent. Neil has said more than once that he is the lucky one in this relationship. I wish them, and their new family, all the love, good health, everything, the world has to offer.

  3. M says

    Neil Patrick Harris has spoken about David Burtka’s children from a previous relationship before. David Burtka’s ex had already begun the process when he and David B. started their relationship. David B. does not appear to be the biological or legal adoptive father of the either of the kids. The quote from Star mag about his never seeing them also appears to be false as their have been stories about NPH and David B. taking them to various places.

  4. Katrina says

    What the f*ck!!! What in the world could be keeping him form physically spending time with HIS children? Are they not his biologically? If not, didn’t he adopt them? How in the world can he call himself a father if he doesn’t behave like one! N.P.H. shouldv’e chosen more wisely. The sex must be really great I suppose!

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