Keri Russell Not A Cool Mom

Actress Keri Russell admits she’s “opposite of cool” when it comes to being a mom to 3-year-old son River. She’s learning to juggle motherhood and a career, explaining to ParentDish (via Celebrity Baby Scoop) just how “uncool” she is.

On juggling work and motherhood: “I take it day by day. Yes, I work really hard during the day, but I had this week off so we got to register for preschools. I got to put him to sleep at night and have breakfast in the morning. That’s, I guess, sort of the good thing about being a working parent. When you are at home, you really appreciate those mundane every day little things.”

On how kids get in the way of cleanliness: “I feel like the moment I put him to sleep I can clean the kitchen the way I like it and then when he’s awake and he has every toy out you just have to walk away.”

On being a “know-it-all control freak: “I’m just a nerd. Well, maybe not as controlling as much as a nerd. I like everything organized. I like everything very clean. I don’t like to bend the rules. I’m a nerd. I go to sleep really early. I’m like, ‘I don’t think that’s the way we should do that,’ and my husband’s like, ‘Alright, nerd. Calm down.’ I’m the opposite of cool.”

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