Babies On The Brain For Amy Winehouse

Oh boy, Amy Winehouse is thinking about having children! Thankfully the 27-year-old isn’t ready to have children just yet.

The singer who seems to have reunited with her film director boyfriend Reg Traviss, says she’s starting to think of having a child, but not planning on taking action on the thought just yet.

“I’m of the age when you start thinking about it — not seriously, but you start thinking about having kids,” she told Britain’s Glamour magazine. “Although I’m not going to be getting pregnant in the next nine months!”

The reason Amy maybe feeling a bit motherly is because she’s been spending time with her godchildren.

“I recently watched Toy Story 3 with my godson Theo, who’s five,” she said. “It was fun. But right now I’m happy to be the godmum or the fun auntie.”

Hopefully Amy’s act is fully in tact before settling down to be a mom. The star has at least expressed her feelings of settling down with a “normal guy.” Let’s hope that “normal guy” isn’t into anything as fun as Amy…if you get my drift.

“She just really wants to find a normal guy to settle down with and have a baby,” a source said.

“She’d be more than happy to go out with someone away from the limelight – she is just fed up of being alone. She’d date a builder or painter and decorator, someone who’s kind and funny.”

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