Mariah Carey Needs To Slow Down If She Wants A Baby

Slowing down and switching gears is probably not an easy thing to do if you’re someone like Mariah Carey – but if the superstar wants a baby with Nick Cannon, she better listen to his advice.

After tumbling onstage in Singapore, hubby Nick reportedly told the singer to slow down.

“You need to slow down if we’re ever going to have this baby!” Nick reportedly told Mariah, who’s rumored to be pregnant with the couple’s first child.

According to the National Enquirer, Nick and Mariah have been butting heads over putting a hold on Mariah’s career to start a family…hmm, reminds me of the same quarrel between Rachel Zoe and her husband.

“She’s not getting any younger,” an insider said.

“It may be her last chance to be a mother.”

Meanwhile, there are rumors floating around that Mariah is pregnant and has put Nick on a restriction, no sex!

“Mariah is a huge worry wart,” a source told the Enquirer.

“She had such a difficult time getting pregnant that she fears something awful could happen to her little one if they make love, even though doctors have tried to convince her otherwise.

“She’s also feeling fat, unattractive and extremely exhausted right now and not her usual frisky self.”

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