Celebrity Baby Names Of The Day

Let’s hit up some “Plain Janes” today, shall we? Today we celebrate the commonplace! These are some of the more ordinary names that I’ve seen celebs give their kids. These are great, tried and true names that may not be top of trend, but seem to never be out of style.

1) Tiger Woods & Elin Woods

  • Charlie Axel Woods

2) Brooke Anderson & James Arthur Walker

  • Kate Victoria Walker

3) Sophie Falkiner & Tony Thomas

  • Jack Aston Thomas

4) Lizzie Grubman & Chris Stern

  • Jack Alexander Stern

5) Paul Stanley & Erin Sutton

  • Sarah Brianna Stanley

6) Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller Sheen

  • Bob Sheen
  • Max Sheen

7) Jennifer Hudson & David Otunga

  • David Daniel Otunga Jr.

8) Chris Kunitz & Maureen Kunitz

  • Zachary James Kunitz

Photos by FAME

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