Ali Larter Dishes On Her Baby Shower

Actress Ali Larter is getting closer to her due date and this weekend she celebrated with a baby shower.  She shared with People:

“It was an incredible day and I just felt so lucky to be surrounded by so many dear friends and family. It was a very special day!” We wanted a very worldly and natural feel, it was very earthy

Not only was it a great day for Ali, but for other mothers as well!  In honor of Ali, Target is donating strollers, diapers, and other baby accessories to moms in need.

As a mother-to-be, I quickly realized how expensive it is to prepare for my new addition. Unfortunately, there are many mothers who cannot afford the necessities such as cribs, clothing and diapers so I’m honored to be able to help mothers through my shower.”

To feel this life growing inside of me grounds me every day and really puts things into perspective about what’s important in life. It really is your health and your family.”

What a wonderful way to share her good fortune with moms who aren’t so lucky and financially stable.

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Photos by FAME


  1. Cassie says

    She looks fabulous! A picture of health. Nice dress, very flattering to her pretty pregnant figure.


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